…of photos and fancy ambitions

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One of my favourite photos from my first Tour of Duty in Cape Town – something I’ll talk more about later. Taken on a day tour through several townships not at all far from where we were staying.

And if I was a better tourist, I’d be able to tell you where exactly it was taken, and the name of the township. But I’m not. So you’ll have to make do with the picture I’m afraid.

I’ve realised recently I really enjoy taking photos, and it’s probably something I should do more of. Like most of the photos I take, very little thought went into this. Camera was on auto, and I pointed and clicked. Which, reading it back sounds like I think I have some sort of natural photo taking ability. I don’t. But I do seem to be good at happy accidents.

I’m not a religious person by any stretch of the imagination, but there’s something uplifting about a Church in a tiny shed. Something about reminding us to do the best with what we’ve got,


Author: Mark Ampersand

Budding writer, connoisseur of fine popular culture and Batman fan.

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