…of Marchapalooza

While rambling about my Faith No More experiences, I neglected to mention the significant importance of the month of March; Marchapalooza, as I have now dubbed it. Named after the Greek Godess of 90s music fesitvals – Lollapalloznia – who’s name was adopted by a one Mr. Perry Farrell as the representation of his own symbol of worship that was the festival, Lollapallooza [1] [2].

You see Soundwave brought not only the awesomeness of Faith No More, but also the amazingness that was (or, were) Jane’s Addiction. And I can only assume that the meeting of these two powerful forces convinced the Godess Lollapalloznia to shine her bright 90s light down upon us all and grace us with the presence of not one, or even two, but three of the giants of 90s music, all in the one month [3].

Tonight – Pavement at Metropolis, Northbridge [4].

Friday, March 12th – Dinosaur Jr. at The Rosemount.

And then, as if that wasn’t enough, Saturday the 27th of March – Pixies at Belvoir Amphitheater

Dearest Lollapalloznia, we thank you for this veritable bounty of musical goodness. May your light shine continue to shine down upon us all.



[1] At least, this is how I’ve come to understand the story. Of course several details may be wrong.

[2] We are of course forgetting what Lollapallooza has become, and instead choosing to remember her as what she was – the birth of the Alternate Nation.

[3] Spread over its duration, so as to allow our now tired and aged bones to recover between gigs. Cause Soundwave was just cruel man. With the heat. And all the young people! BAH! How dare they! With their noise and drinking and being young!

[4] One of the only reasons I’ve had of late to go North of the bridge after dark. I’ve mentioned my distain for young people, yes?


Author: Mark Ampersand

Budding writer, connoisseur of fine popular culture and Batman fan.

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