Crisis on Multiple Blogs

Or: In the Biz, we call this a Retcon

retcon v. to retroactively revise (a plot, storyline, character, event, history, etc.), usu. by reinterpreting past events, or by theorizing how the present would be different if past events had not happened or had happened differently. Also n.

I’ve decided this whole two blog thing was getting a little out of hand. I started the Tumblr [1] just to see what it could do, and quickly fell for its uncomplicated publishing tools. But as with all projects I undertake, the new didn’t leave much time for the old. The whole idea of the Tumblr was to have an avenue for quick, casual posts that I could throw together, as opposed to the infrequent music essay posts that ended up here.

That didn’t go so well.

So, rather than having one blog for geek stuff (comics, TV and video games) and one for music stuff, I’ve decided it all lives here now – a blog[2] in which Mark Ampersand writes about stuff. Hopefully this will mean more frequent updates also.

Tumblr, I shall miss your easy to make pretty layouts and glut of awesome Batman scans, but for now, my heart belongs to WordPress.

[1] Plus, Tumblr sounds totally like The Tumbler, which is pretty fucking awesome, don’t you think?

[2] I hate that word so much.

Also while we’re here – new theme which is exciting, right? But why the fuck do all my links have a space after them? If anyone could help me out with making them look less lame, that would be awesome.


Author: Mark Ampersand

Budding writer, connoisseur of fine popular culture and Batman fan.

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