… of Green Cake and Bubblegum Icing

It would’ve been my 10th or 11th Birthday. Maybe. As I get older, my childhood birthdays tend to blend into each other. Heck, I could be thinking of three separate occasions. In any case, the memory goes something like this:

At this age, my Birthday parties had settled down somewhat. Gone were the days of running around the back yard in a screaming hoard with my friends. We’d grown. Our tastes had refined. Now, we preferred more grown up activities, like eating pizza and watching videos in a dark room. This year, despite my best efforts to convince my parents to rent Child’s Play for us, our night’s viewing included the John Ritter classic, Problem Child, and a new to VHS movie we knew very little about – Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. And for desert, my birthday cake. A delicacy I’d sampled earlier in the year at my good friend Daniel’s party. I imagine that the good people at Birdseye must have been set a goal to re-engage the youth market, for everything about this cake screamed young boy aged 8 to 12.

Their creation – a green sponge cake with a purple, bubble-gum flavoured icing. It tasted amazing, in that it tasted like a cake made entirely of sugar, caked in a light, sugary frosting, but to the pallet of a 10 or 11 year old, it may have well been made of clouds plucked from heaven by angels that looked like Belinda Carlisle.

I haven’t seen the same mix available on shop shelves for some time, but I think about it often. I can only assume it’s been discontinued due to the severe health risks. Even now I can feel my heart palpitating just thinking about it.



Author: Mark Ampersand

Budding writer, connoisseur of fine popular culture and Batman fan.

2 thoughts on “… of Green Cake and Bubblegum Icing”

  1. Just found this post while googling green cake with purple bubblegum icing. Pretty sure it was called krazy kake. I would give my left arm to try it again. Memories!

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