… of Limitations and Life Lessons

or: The 140 Word Challenge. 

I can’t help but think that limitations would be a good thing for me. I tend to have a habit of thinking ambitiously, which then inevitably leads to over thinking, which in turn becomes overwhelming. And eventually nothing ever gets done. Rather than thinking outside the box, maybe I need to become more comfortable inside the box for a while?

These blog posts come essays about my own failings are all very well, but there’s not a lot of forward momentum in them. If this was therapy, and I was paying for it, at this point I’d probably be asking for my money back. Or a new doctor. Or both.

From here:

  1. Set limitations on what I want to say – crawl, then walk, then run
  2. Try to keep within those limitations
  3. Write no more than 140 FUCK