… on Reflection, This Might’ve Been a Bad Idea.

The challenge was always going to be a challenge. I guess this is why they call it a challenge and not an ‘easy to do thing’, or whatever a nicer sounding word for ‘easy to do thing’ is. In any case, at the half way-ish mark where we are meant to be reflecting on the progress we’ve made, I find myself flicking through yet another list of false starts and frustrations.

Yes, I also see what I did there.

The best laid plans turned into a nicely paved road to hell and all of a sudden at 26 weeks I’m sitting at a count of around 7 blogs. Maths has never been a strength, but if I’m right that works out to be around… fuck all. The dog ate my homework of it all is that of those 19 or so weeks I wasn’t contributing to the challenge, around four of them were spent cleaning homes and moving all of our worldly possessions [1] from just out of the city to almost right within its centre [2]. I could probably write a couple of weeks off to a busy work schedule, and maybe travel (at a stretch), but for the rest of them I will fall back to the usual ‘lack of motivation and/or energy’ we love so much.

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