… of Old Minds and Old Mindsets

We’re on a bit of a roll and while the roll may be a downhill one, it’s a roll and we should probably continue with it. If we were playing word association and you were to say ‘Old’, my initial response will always be ‘Me’. Sure, this is a self deprecating thing, but it’s also how I feel, and how I’ve always felt. I remember when I was in year three, my teacher commenting to my parents that I seemed to have an old outlook on life. I don’t think she even used the word ‘mature’. Years later I would refer to my adolescence as a ‘mid-life crisis’ as I was convinced I wouldn’t live passed my mid twenties. Growing pains felt like my body failing. The start of a downward spiral. As a pre-teen I was a fairly sporty kid. After school and weekends would be spent playing soccer, and then tee-ball. I wasn’t very good at either of them, but I remember enjoying the activity. As soon as the clock ticked over to 12 years old, that stopped.

This all comes across as being negative, but I don’t see it that way. It’s just how I’ve always felt. And for the record I don’t really mind. My internal voice has always felt old, and I’ve always found myself questioning what’s going on around me. From a very early age I was a ‘why?’ or ‘how come…?’ kid. As I became older this turned into what I would call a healthy cynicism, but often came across as just plain negativity.

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